Daddy or Chips

Jul 12th, 2014

Daddy or Chips

I just tried an experiment with both cats (don’t worry – nothing nasty). Very early this year I started off a propagator’s worth of catnip. It is now ‘ready’ and is probably opening me up to suspicion of cultivating illegal substances because I can’t open the propagator up without exposing it to the cats!

It is rather strange because their reaction to the dried stuff is always to go nuts and try to roll on it/kill it – whilst with the fresh stuff – all they want to do is eat it.

So I just tried offering them a food treat in one hand (ham or chicken) and catnip in the other at the same time. In both cases they shnarfed the catnip down first (didn’t stop them having the other treat straight after though).

So in the case of Daddy or Chips – Daddy obviously won out. I’m not sure what they would do if it were ‘Daddy or vole’ instead – they really do like catching short-tailed voles.

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