White Eggs

Jul 8th, 2014

White Eggs

When I was a little girl in 1970s most eggs were white. You got the occasional brown one, and the common belief at the time was that the brown ones were ‘more natural’ and had a better flavour. So of course what happened was that farmers caught on to this and adjusted the hens’ food so that all the eggs they laid were brown.

But I just bought a box of organic eggs from Waitrose (one of the ones where you get an actual specified breed of hen), and I notice that about 30% of them are white. They are the first white hens’ eggs I have seen in twenty odd years.

Perhaps I am getting cynical but all this says to me is that there is now obviously the opportunity to make a bit more money in supplying an egg at the top end of the market which looks a bit different – or if you prefer ‘white is the new brown’.

They were pretty nice eggs though.

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