Jul 6th, 2014


We’re starting to get fruit through from the garden now. We’ve had loads of strawberries – both the big ones I have been growing in the polytunnel – and now a sizable crop of tiny sweet wild ones. Against all expectation we also have quite a few cherries (I thought the birds would get them all). I also discovered that the raspberries growing at the front of the house are called ‘Autumn Gold’ and are ready now even though they are yellow rather than red. We’ve had a handful of blackcurrants and gooseberries – though I am hoping for a bigger crop next year

The apples and plums are coming along nicely as well. I also noticed on the walk to Ardentinny last week that there is a old abandoned cottage with an overgrown orchard where we should be able to get many more apples – I have grand plans for making some nice jellies come autumn as we are going to have more brambles than we can pick.

Last but not least – I noticed on one of my walks that there are some wild nuts growing by the lochside – not sure if they are hazels or filberts but there should be good eating on them either way.

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