Lovely night – shame about the Midgies….

Jul 4th, 2014

Lovely night – shame about the Midgies….

About 10pm we noticed what a truly fantastic sunset we were seeing. R and I both went outside with our cameras to see what photos we could get. It was super-lovely for about 30 seconds before we were attacked by a ravenous cloud of insects – I haven’t seen anything like it since we were at the Olgas in Australia where even my photo mad brother lasted less than a minute outside of the car.

Having said this – the midges are not really as bad here as we thought they were going to be (so far at least). On most days they are only bad in the late evening and on sunny days or when there is a breeze you don’t really see them at all. There is just the odd day where warmth, still air and recent rain brings out the clouds.

The mosquito munchers are still greatly reducing the general population – we are filling the net on the one at the back approx. every 48 hours. So it is making a difference although so far we are not seeing a great falling off in numbers of new ones we are catching.

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