Down South….

Jun 26th, 2014

Down South….

Here we are down south. Cambridge is a pretty place, much as I remember it from my University days (late 80s). It always did have a faint air of being a parody of itself (all the high class shops trying to look as though they have been there since 1800 when in fact they were established about five years ago, the punts, the snooty ‘Keep Out’ signs on the Colleges) and in that respect it hasn’t changed in the last twenty years.
The leafier streets have a lovely smell of lime trees, and it is quite nice to be able to walk out at night with no midgies or other nasty creepie-crawlies but on the whole I would much rather be home with the cats, badgers and pine martens.

The cats are not being particularly good for their ‘Auntie’. Tora has been off on his mission to find another cat in the village to beat up several times, and Schrodi has had quite a few mice, mostly live.

We have finished our Conference and my presentation went down ok. Now we have two days to enjoy ourselves down here before we go home on Sunday.

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