Busy Day in Lochgoilhead

Jun 8th, 2014

Busy Day in Lochgoilhead

Busy day here – when R and I went for a walk this morning we ended up by the loch where some outward bound groups were rafting and learning to sail in little training boats. I suppose it must be hard to hit a happy medium on the wind strength you want for this – because today is quite breezy and some of the kids were having difficulty keeping control. They have a motorboat out on patrol to catch anyone who has real problems – otherwise I would guess you could end up having a longer trip up the loch than you had intended.

Also assembling in the car park were the motorbikes from H.O.G (Harley-Davidsons Owners Group) who have a rally here every year. I took a video of them – really just to get the distinctive noise of the bikes. I’m not usually a big motorbike fan – but these are really magnificent machines and the love and care their owners have for them is really great.

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