May 10th, 2014


Yesterday we acquired some gates for our garden. We’ve thought since we moved in that the driveway looked oddly incomplete without something as a demarcation between the garden and the track. Also there was the incident of the ‘Donich three’ (our repeat sheep visitors) and a large dog which we briefly saw on the shedcam the other night.

So we ordered some wrought iron gates from a local craftsman – partly because we wanted a really nice individual job done – and partly because if we bought gates off the peg I was far from convinced that we would get anyone to fit them. The company that did the job was Creative Ironworks in Helensburgh ( and I couldn’t recommend them more highly. The pine marten design on them came from a print R bought me from Etsy – and I got permission from the designer to use it on the gates. The print really captures pine martens and being somewhat stylized they translate well to iron. This is the original work which we have hanging in our hall –

Anyway the gates look really good and should keep out unwanted guests (apart from deer!). We are getting a post box fitted to them this week so that the postman doesn’t have to drive up to the house.

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