Time for Reflection

May 7th, 2014

Time for Reflection

Today I walked slowly round the garden (in the light rain) and just looked at everything that has come through, and all the changes since the depth of winter. I then took some photos to remind me come next year of what things should look like come May.

The water lilies and irises are coming out. The cherry (I think) tree in the hedge is in full blossom. There are bluebells (or as R calls them ‘those purple flowers’) everywhere. The polytunmel is nearly full and I have transferred most of the tomatoes to the greenhouse (still haven’t managed to get it repaired but less important for the next few months). The only thing not doing that well is the outside vegetable plot which has potatoes, onions and the fat slugs which ate the turnips, broccoli and sprouts.

We’re going to be very busy over the next few weeks (including some days on site in Glasgow) so sadly will not be getting as much time as I like to spend out and about. So a little time for quiet reflection on how beautiful it is here.

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