Long time no post

Apr 26th, 2014

Long time no post

I finally got a bit sick of the website setup I had. Basically the main (non-blog) site started off with me hand coding it just to show off a few photos. And the blog started as my personal site which was hosted on wordpress.com. Then I amalgamated them and discovered that it was very difficult trying to deal with a lot of new data (images and videos) on the main site part, whilst on the WordPress side I was getting pretty sick of the constant nagging to update to more and more expensive paid versions.

So over the last week I have been migrating to a new site, which although based on WordPress, is self-hosted. Although it has been a bit of work to set up, it is much easier going forward if (for example) we see something interesting on one of our walks and I want to share it. Also although I am not too bad at web development, I am no designer and I would guess it showed.

So all this is why no posts in the last week.

The image is a plug for the theme I am using which is Serrano by Ignitethemes – very funky.


  1. Ann Rowe April 30, 2014 at 3:23 pm

    Hi , I ,like yourself fell in love with lochgoil some 10 years ago. My daughter worked at the scout centre ,so on my many visits made some lovely friends, who i visit when i get the chance. The blogs you have been doing make me feel ‘im there in the goil ,so dont feel to home sick for the place but i have missed your blogs so hopefully won’t be to long before your bloging again .Keep up the good work Ann

  2. donich_admin April 30, 2014 at 7:06 pm

    Thank you for that 🙂

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