Castle Carrick walk

Apr 26th, 2014

Castle Carrick walk

Today R and I finally went for a look at Castle Carrick which is over at the other side of the loch. He has not been keen on the idea because he was concerned that the single track road would be really busy with traffic for the holiday camp – in the end it wasn’t that busy anyway.

The weather wasn’t supposed to be good today – but when we got there it was pretty nice and as well as looking at the (very small) village and the castle we walked part of the way out to Ardentinny. The castle is partly ruined but under repair and is private property. There are some lovely houses in the village as well – though unfortunately it looks as though there is going to be a new development on quite small plots which I think will spoil it a bit.

The walk is along a good path by the lochside – unlike our side of the loch where the corresponding path is very overgrown. It was very quiet and at one point a deer jumped out in front of us. As you will see in the pictures there are some great views back to Lochgoilhead, and also to the end of our side of the peninsular where there is a house which can only be accessible by boat and also a small lighthouse at the Dog Rock.

We didn’t have any provisions with us so we didn’t walk all the way to Ardentinny today – but we will certainly come back and do this again. I also noticed that the Waverly (paddle steamer) visits Castle Carrick (though unfortunately not Lochgoilhead) quite a bit during the summer – so we shall have to try to get some photos of her then.

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