Deer Fencing up

Apr 14th, 2014

Deer Fencing up

Well that is the vegetable plots dug and the deer fencing up around them.

I don’t think much to the instructions that came with the cage – it just said ‘make a 14″ deep hole for each pole and hammer it in to the ground’. Well that may be all very well in some gardens, but here about 10″ down hits virgin subsoil and a lot of very large rocks. To get the poles into the ground I had to do some major excavation for each one and remove the stones (some larger than my head). Then I had to wedge the poles in with rocks, fill the gaps with earth and then put the turf back. Very hard work….

But eventually we got it constructed, with R being a real tower of strength – it was really kind of him to help, particularly as he had a sore leg and he hates doing this kind of thing. I have planted out the first early potatoes, sprouting broccoli, turnips, onions and shallots. In the space they vacated in the polytunnel, I now have beans and peas.

I also have a load of annuals I am growing as bedding plants, and some of these I am planting out as I clean out the front garden.

There is a lot to be done, but it is all much more fun now the sun is shining.

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