The Gardener

Mar 14th, 2014

The Gardener

Two of the vegetable beds are fully dug now. I’ve not been getting on as fast as I would like because of having a lot on and it being generally backbreaking work of the sort that tends to get put to the back of the queue. I’ve done about half of bed three as well… The soil is still not quite at 8 degrees yet – so I am holding off on planting outside until it is. I was also assured on good authority today that the deer will get all the vegetables unless I fence it in – so that is another big job to be done….. Sigh….

The polytunnel is about two thirds planted out now – today I put in peas and strawberries. I was lucky though – because although R is not keen on helping – I have someone else to help me out – I think he is The Gardener, and I am the assistant because he is definitely in a supervisory role.

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