Contrary Cats

Mar 10th, 2014

Contrary Cats

Nothing beats cats for contrary. Shut them out of a room and they want in, shut them in and they want out. Back before I was an experienced cat owner I used to buy them expensive toys only to have them ignore them in favour of the box they came in.

Anyway – we can’t say we are any the wiser now – we have a fire in our Donich house and the cats love it – having never seen one before. R had the bright idea of buying a little circular bed to go in front of it and although I thought they would ignore it – I was wrong. In fact they loved it so much they started fighting over it – sigh.

So we bought a second one and put one at one side of the fire, and one at the other. The picture below tells the story. Tora is in one bed and Schrodi is showing his feelings about the other one. As I say – nothing beats cats for contrary….

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