A Close Encounter of the Striped Kind

Mar 9th, 2014

A Close Encounter of the Striped Kind

Last night I asked R to go and put some food out for our night time visitors while I made some coffee. More fool me because he was the lucky one – going round the corner of the house towards the shed, he heard a snuffling sound. Standing very still, a badger came right up to him – so intent on trying to find peanuts that it didn’t notice him. It was almost at his feet before he felt obliged to make a noise before the poor thing found his foot and scared itself silly. All you can see in the webcam is a badger with an aghast look on its face making its way through the fence as fast as it can go….

But it couldn’t have been that scared because ten minutes later it was back looking for its peanuts again. The two badgers we see are very friendly so we think they are a mated pair. Hopefully one day they will bring their cubs to see us.

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