Froggie would a Wooing go…

Mar 7th, 2014

Froggie would a Wooing go…

We now have a seriously large number of frogs coming out of hibernation and making the most of the spring (to put it politely). There is frog spawn in large quantities in the ditches, and every time I walk past our pool I can see the ripples as they swim for cover (don’t blame them with the heron around).

The pool is so clear that you can watch them swimming along underwater. This morning I stood still to watch one, and as it swam up to the bank – I could see that it was not one, but two frogs, locked together in connubial bliss.

There are also a lot of flowers poking through in the garden – everywhere we look things are waking up. Of course this did not stop it deciding to have a good half an hour’s hailstorm this afternoon….

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