Feb 26th, 2014


I am not a big social media user – but whenever I complain about things like (for example) having problems syncing photos between all three of my tablets – R always calls it a #firstworldproblem.  So I have a new category of this which I will call #ruralscotlandproblem.  Rural Scotland doesn’t really sum it up – but it is the sort of issue you only get when you have a large property in a rural area with bad transport links.

Having problems finding someone who can repair the greenhouse roof after all the storms – #ruralscotlandproblem.    
Can’t get top soil delivered because the road won’t take an 18 ton lorry and no one seems to be able to deliver in a smaller one – #ruralscotlandproblem    
Phone line goes down and BT send 5 separate engineers before finally discovering that forestry commission need to give permission for a new pole because it is on their land – #ruralscotlandproblem    
Every company on the Intenet (honourable exception of Amazon here) thinks your PostCode is on the moon because it is in the PA area – #ruralscotlandproblem    
Of course there could be a compensationary hashtag – #ruralscotlandadvantage

Waking up to bird song and river noise – #ruralscotlandadvantage   
Walking out of your door and on to a glorious hillside – #ruralscotlandadvantage        
Pine martens in the garden – #ruralscotlandadvantage   
Space to live and breath instead of living in a concrete box in a row of other boxes – #ruralscotlandadvantage      

So far at least the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages – but I still wish we could get our greenhouse repaired.

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