Sunday, Sunday

Feb 23rd, 2014

Sunday, Sunday

Of course the weather this morning is quite vile – as always on Sundays when it would be great to go for a walk or get some serious gardening done.  The Donich is running at full spate and the Goil river just round the corner has burst its banks and is all over the fields.

We decided to go to Inverary and have a quick look around – it is actually our closest town, but we haven’t been since we lived here as there is no proper supermarket etc.  All along the road, new streams and waterfalls have appeared and the lochs are the highest I have seen them.   Inverary was busier than I would have expected, considering that nearly everything (including the castle) was closed (the old jail was open and this is well worth a visit if you haven’t seen it  A few tourist coaches passed us outside the town and then headed on for Oban – I love this area with all my heart but I am afraid I would be struggling to appreciate a coach tour of it in the driving rain in February.

So we must have been in Inverary a good half an hour during which time we resolved to come back when the weather was better.  But we did see the ‘Vital Spark’ which was the puffer in the Para Handy stories.

On the way back we stopped off at the Loch Fyne Oyster bar and discovered that there is a great little garden centre there – it specializes in trees but there is lots of other good stuff. I love gooseberries and there never seem to be any in the shops any more – so I bought a few bushes to go in our fruit garden. Then a quick visit to the delicatessen, and home for Sunday brunch. Organic Ayrshire bacon. Arbroath smokies. Loch Fyne Smoked Salmon and farm cheddar. Homemade bread. Fresh Coffee and orange juice. Sunday sweet Sunday.

Now I need to go and plant the gooseberry bushes….

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