Salmon Recipes

Feb 21st, 2014

Salmon Recipes

Last week we bought a huge organic salmon from Loch Fyne.  I am ashamed to say that I bought it in Glasgow, so it made a journey 50 miles down the road and back (not ideal but could be worse I suppose).

Anyway – I filleted it (not very expertly) and it made 10 good potions, plus one raggedy bit for Schrodi and a lot of meat on the bones.  The 10 fillets I froze, then the carcass made lots of stock and leftover meat to take off the bones.

From the leftovers I made:-

Fishcakes – peel and boil about 1lb potatoes.  Lightly fry a large onion (spring onions are better when in season and can be used raw).  Cook the potatoes until soft and floury, drain, and allow to steam dry for a minute or two – add a large knob of butter and mash with salt and pepper until smooth (ish – for mashed potatoes I am going to eat neat I will use a ricer but not needed for this).  Break the salmon into small pieces, removing any bones and mix into the potato with the onion.  Chop a largish handful of flat leaf parsley, add to potatoes and mix everything thoroughly.  Take golfball sized pieces, flatten into mini cakes and fry in butter or olive oil until golden brown – turning a couple of times.

Chowder (my take on it) – Chop and boil about 1.5lb potatoes in skins (ideally the red skinned ones are nice for this).  Cook in a steamer until soft with 2 large carrots cut into small strips.  While this is cooking – fry one large onion and one large leek in a frying pan.  When soft, add two large handfuls of frozen sweetcorn and stir until defrosted.  Add about 2 pints of stock off the salmon bones, plus any salmon meat that is leftover.  At this point – I had a pack of smoked salmon which had been left over and frozen at Christmas.  I snipped this into pieces with scissors into the broth, and at this point, also added a small bunch of chopped parsley.  Finally – add the potatoes and carrots and bring to a simmer for five minutes or so.  I generally then finish with half a pint or so of milk – enough to make a stew with loads of juice for mopping up with bread.  Adding more milk and stock turns it in to a real soup.  Of course – we had most of it as stew, and then the leftovers as soup the next day.  Prawns would be good in this too but as R doesn’t like them and Tora does, it is rare humans ever eat these in this house.

The frozen fillets will make things like salmon and broccoli mornay, crispy oriental salmon with stir fry noodles, cheesy fish pie, salmon and dill quiche etc. 

So all in all a good buy….

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