Polytunnel and Greenhouse

Feb 16th, 2014

Polytunnel and Greenhouse

We have a large polytunnel and green house behind the house – a legacy of the previous owners who had a flower growing business here.  They are both about 14′ wide by 17′ long – so a pretty substantial size and I am hoping to be able to create some good crops.

The idea is currently to use the greenhouse for tomatoes and other ‘always indoors’ (well – always indoors in Scotland – lol) crops, and the polytunnel to get other things up and going early for later transfer outside.  So I have made four large raised beds on the ground and filled them with good topsoil and homemade compost.  The benches to either side I am filling with large pots – ideally I would have liked to get rid of the benches – but they are made of metal (I’m sure expensive) and it would be a major operation getting them out.

I am also in the process of creating an outdoor vegetable plot for things we eat lots of (potatoes, leeks, onions etc.) – though whether we will need deer fencing to keep off the ravening hoards is something I don’t know yet. 

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