In which we have visitors

Feb 14th, 2014

In which we have visitors

Two unexpected (though not necessarily unwelcome) visitors today. Firstly, a heron which we used to see down at the bridge over the river just outside our garden seems to have decided to take over our pond. It stood motionless by the edge of the pool for over an hour this morning – it is out of luck looking for fish because we have had none since we moved in (according to the previous owner, the last batch were all eaten by an otter). However a little later it moved to the wall at the bottom of the garden and very slowly stalked along through the long grass. I suspect with the mild weather and (possibly) early spring, it may be looking for frogs which have just come out from hibernation. I must admit being tempted to restock the pond with fish – but it seems cruel to get them so they can be eaten.

Our other visitor is a large sheep which showed up for the first time yesterday afternoon at the bottom of the front garden. Schrodi saw it and his tail puffed up like a brush; for a moment we thought he was going to go for it even though it is ten times his size. He thought better of it and this morning it was gone, however this afternoon it was back – and today it has worked its way round the back and is greatly enjoying the grass there. I have always liked sheep (I used to have a pet one called Crackers as a child) and it would certainly keep the lawn cropped, however I think it would be death to the concept of growing any vegetables – quite apart from the fact that it must belong to someone who may be missing it….

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