Bing was right

Feb 12th, 2014

Bing was right

For the last week the Bing Weather app on my phone has been saying that it would snow on Tuesday.

On Monday we had two tons of topsoil delivered to populate the new raised beds in the polytunnel. Of course the lorry it arrived in was an 18 ton monster because the delivery firm hadn’t been passed on my instructions that the track to the house wouldn’t take large vehicles. The furthest it could get was about 100 yards from the house – so R and I spent several hours getting the first ton up to the house in a combination of the land drover and a wheelbarrow. 

Bear with me here if I seem to be going off track – but the point I am getting to is that it was quite warm doing this and we were seeing definite signs that the Argyll midge was putting in an appearance.

So the next day we were all primed to move the second lot (or I was anyway) but when we looked out of the window, it was white everywhere.

So Bing was right and was finally vindicated for being a little on the pessimistic side over the years. We still haven’t moved the rest of the soil though

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