A Wish fulfilled

Jan 7th, 2014

A Wish fulfilled

I was looking at some of our Webcam footage late last night and nearly fell out of my chair.  We have a large nut feeder over the fence, and at 10pm (while we would have been sitting in the lounge), a cat sized creature with a pointed muzzle, long tail and white breast emerged from the woods and started eating the nuts.  It is the pine marten I hoped was in our garden when I saw the poo in the garden a few weeks ago!

It sat for about 20 minutes munching on the birds’ peanuts – and then must have heard something because it darted away.  The something was probably a badger because about 30 seconds later one appeared.

So this is definitely a wish fulfilled for me – I hope he (or she) will be back soon.  I may try putting out peanut butter or jam sandwiches as I am informed on good authority that martens like these.

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