Obligatory Photo

Aug 5th, 2013

Obligatory Photo

Today I had a nasty shock when I happened to do a search on my name and realized that this blog was coming up as number two.  Goes to show how the internet has changed over the last few years, because I used to happily hide in the anonymity of having a (moderately) famous person with the same name as me.  Marion McCune Rice was a nurse during the first World War – and if you had searched for Marion McCune even five years ago – nearly everything you would have got would have related to her.  But time goes on and today that search gets – well – me….  So I had just better write something interesting now.

Even worse than that – number 3 in the search is for images associated with my name.  Some of them are connected to me (I see the cats appearing several times) and there is also a dire photo of me giving a presentation about hacking the Surface RT at a conference last year.  But the biggest hit on an image with my name is the obituary of a Marion McCune who died recently aged 91.   He was a kindly looking old man – but not quite the thing for someone looking for a security tester.

So (although I am not that fond of photos of myself) – here is me. 

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