Aug 2nd, 2013


Where do I start – I just really like tech….

Many years ago I was working for Customs and Excise as a VAT control officer. My brother bought one of the early 486s and I saw a game called Doom which I didn’t think I would like. A few hours later, I realized I did like it. A few days later I discovered other games and how difficult it could be to get them to run in DOS (the infamous Master of Magic which needed expanded memory, extended memory and 600+ K free conventional memory). A few weeks later I discovered that I liked fiddling with DOS more than I liked playing games; chucked in the tax job, bought a PC and went back to College to study computing.

So that is the sort of sad geeky person I am. Over nearly twenty years I’ve worked on Windows Server and Workstation (all versions since 3.1), Novell Netware/NDS, Domino, OS/2, Exchange, SharePoint, AD, Solaris, Networking, Software Development (alas in the now unfashionable VB) and latterly Security testing. I’ve been everything from the person who fixes the printers to the head of the department.

This is really sad – I just counted my personal tech items.

  • 1 Desktop PC, Quad Core 16G RAM. Running Windows 8
  • Three monitors attached to above PC – one touch screen (more on that elsewhere)
  • 1 Lenovo laptop, 8G RAM, Windows 8
  • 1 Microsoft Surface RT (latest and greatest tablet)
  • 1 Innovia W500 Windows tablet (currently out on loan)
  • 1 Xbox 360 with Kinnect
  • 1 HTC 8X WP8

R’s Tech items – just as sad.

  • Desktop and Laptop as above
  • 3 Monitors including an enormous 27″ monster
  • iPad 3
  • iPhone 4 S (you can see he is falling behind here – but more later)
  • Playstation 3
  • Rasberry PI

It gets sadder. There are two of us remember. In addition to the kit above we have:-

  • Hyper-V 3 Server hosting Windows 2012 DC, sundry test VMS
  • Linux machine spec’d as an ESX host (with all that entails) but now running Linux for a visitor who won’t touch Windows.
  • Linux machine for Security testing
  • Sundry pieces of networking kit supporting two broadband internet connections from different providers
  • Solaris workstation
  • Printer/Scanner/Fax
  • Spare Android phone for testing
  • Nexus Tablet for Wireless testing (honest)
  • Apple TV and associated speaker connections
  • Home NAS

In the house as a whole we have more than 30 devices with IP Adresses. That is very geeky – but I did say we liked Tech.

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