A fine summer’s day with Beinn Bheula wearing a hat of clouds against the sun.

Beinn Donich (“Brown Hill”) is a vast bulk looming over Loch Goil.  The views from the summit are superb.

With the spring, pale yellow primroses appear, lining every roadside and bank.

At dawn and dusk on clear days the sky is a riot of colours above Beinn Bheula – every shade in one day from pink, to yellow, to purple, to grey, to red.  I wish I had the skill to paint it…

A heron waits for his prey at the edge of Loch Goil around dawn

The local “Heilan’ Coos” look a bit fearsome but are actually the most placid animals you can imagine

Looking out over the Donich towards the Rest and be Thankful on a summer’s day.

Red squirrels are common here….

On calm days the loch is a perfect mirror of the sky

“The lonely boat tethers once and for all my homeward thoughts”

Two highland tigers inhabit this particular patch of Argyll….

Although we don’t get much snow at loch level, the higher mountains are covered for five months or so of the year


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Feb 14th, 2018

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A Valentine

The cats and I gave R a home made valentine today. One side was from me with a Burns poem…. A Red, Red Rose O my Luve’s like a red, red rose,  That’s newly sprung in June:  O my Luve’s like the melodie,  That’s sweetly play’d in tune.  As fair art thou, my bonie lad,  So deep in luve […]

Feb 14th, 2018

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Back to winter again

Here was R and I thinking spring was on its way. Unfortunately not as we have both had the back breaking task of clearing the 72m drive up to our house of snow twice in the last week. The poor little plants which had just poked their heads above ground have all been withered back […]

Feb 4th, 2018

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The Clan Chieftain

Yesterday we went to an excellent Burns Supper in the village hall. R was in full highland dress and I wore my clan (Graham through my mother) plaid with a pin. Today Schrodi decided to usurp the plaid which I foolishly left lying over the back of the chair, and has decided to be Clan […]

Feb 2nd, 2018

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Stupid Me

You couldn’t make up how stupid I was today. I’ve several identical white canisters labelled “sugar” and “coffee” and because we only use raw beans, we don’t need the coffee one. I put some salt in it because the package had leaked into the cupboard and it saved a bit of space. Guess what – […]

Feb 2nd, 2018

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Not True

I’ve been informed that an Internet meme is that no one likes anything introduced to them after the age of thirty five. This is not true. I’ll freely admit that I turned 51 recently, and I like many things (not all things – I’m not a massive social media fan) introduced since 2002. I’m a […]

Feb 1st, 2018

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Rainbows and Signs of Spring

We had a sprinkling of snow overnight yesterday and when we went for our walk there was a fantastic rainbow. It was actually not only a double but a triple bow – but I don’t think the triple part shows up in the photos. Today is cold but sunny and we are seeing the first […]

Jan 30th, 2018

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Bloody Calor

In common with many people in rural Scotland we have no piped gas supply and are reliant on LPG for our central heating, water heater and gas fire. Aside from this, our only heating in the house is a propane heater I have in my office and an electric heater in R’s. So obviously it […]

Jan 25th, 2018

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Dear Me – why would you do this?

We had a lovely lunch the other day in a restaurant I won’t name in this context. R is a bit of a whisky lover and I thought this particular cocktail menu was a bit of a crime against Scotland. I mean why would you use 12 year old malt whisky in this cocktail rather […]

Jan 25th, 2018

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Some beautiful stained glass

My Mum and I went out for lunch in Helensburgh the other day and I noticed that the parish church door was open. We popped inside and what a lovely building – the stained glass was quite spectacular – particularly the window commemorating John Logie Baird the inventor of television who came from Helensburgh. The […]

Jan 22nd, 2018

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Our New Robot

This is our new Robot which I have christened “Goldie” She has pretty efficiently vacuumed the whole house today. I was hoping the cats would sit on her and go for a ride, but they seemed caught between rather frightened and indifferent.