A fine summer’s day with Beinn Bheula wearing a hat of clouds against the sun.

Beinn Donich (“Brown Hill”) is a vast bulk looming over Loch Goil.  The views from the summit are superb.

With the spring, pale yellow primroses appear, lining every roadside and bank.

At dawn and dusk on clear days the sky is a riot of colours above Beinn Bheula – every shade in one day from pink, to yellow, to purple, to grey, to red.  I wish I had the skill to paint it…

A heron waits for his prey at the edge of Loch Goil around dawn

The local “Heilan’ Coos” look a bit fearsome but are actually the most placid animals you can imagine

Looking out over the Donich towards the Rest and be Thankful on a summer’s day.

Red squirrels are common here….

On calm days the loch is a perfect mirror of the sky

“The lonely boat tethers once and for all my homeward thoughts”

There used to be two highland tigers inhabiting this particular patch of Argyll. Sadly our last Bengal passed away last week. I have had a little gravestone made for him and I hope him and Schrodi are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge and getting on better together than they did in life. RIP both of you

Although we don’t get much snow at loch level, the higher mountains are covered for five months or so of the year


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May 7th, 2022

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New Car

Here is our new car. We took a trip out to Arrochar to fill him up this morning and he is great. Very comfortable and much better acceleration than the land rover.

May 3rd, 2022

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83 in Rhu

My brother wrote this rather clever poem for my Mother’s 83rd birthday. I’m bloody stuck in bloody Rhu I wish I was only 82 My bloody hip won’t bloody work My bloody ankle bloody hurts My bloody hair’s gone bloody white My bloody face would cause a fright And now I’m bloody 83 A bloody […]

Apr 29th, 2022

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First Bird

Saphy got her first bird today. She has been hanging around the feeder for weeks now but she has obviously managed to hone her skills sufficiently to catch one. She killed it and brought it in to R’s bedroom, strewing copious numbers of feathers over the carpet. We didn’t get our new car yet again […]

Apr 28th, 2022

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Two martens in the daylight

Great colour shots of the two martens who have been visiting recently We used to only see them in the daylight very rarely but since we got the two scared lady cats rather than the big male bruisers they seem to be coming more often.

Apr 26th, 2022

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Moose in the Hoose

We noticed Saphy and Amber patrolling round one of the armchairs in the lounge. We couldn’t see any sign of a rodent, but turning the chair on its side (having locked the girls in the bedroom) we managed to shake loose a little field mouse which was hiding in the base of the chair and […]

Apr 22nd, 2022

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Having a dinner for my family and new car

Apart from me, my whole family has birthdays in the spring. We were supposed to be having a dinner on 8th April, but two days before R was driving to Glasgow and stopped in Arrochar for petrol. Then the Land Rover wouldn’t start again and he was left standing in the cold at the petrol […]

Apr 19th, 2022

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Two pine martens

Two pine martens. I think one of them is a young one and the other is the mother as martens are very territorial and one of them seems a lot smaller than the other. The woodpeckers are out in force at the moment.

Apr 19th, 2022

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Amber Squirrel hunt

We thought Amber was a staid middle aged cat who didn’t like going out much. Appears though that she still has an appetite for chasing prey. Luckily this poor little squirrel escaped.

Apr 14th, 2022

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We’ve decided to have a go at Solar power. In our usual style this is not a small simple installation, but as close as we can get (bearing in mind the Argyll climate) to being energy self-sufficient. So we are fortunate in being a south west facing bungalow with no direct shade. The only problem […]

Apr 12th, 2022

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New Start

Just an update on where I have been (not away as a guest of her Majesty!). Just before Christmas I had quite a serious accident when I slipped on the marble tiles in my bathroom and hurt both my shoulder and my ankles. It has taken me a long time to recover, which probably shows […]