A fine summer’s day with Beinn Bheula wearing a hat of clouds against the sun.

Beinn Donich (“Brown Hill”) is a vast bulk looming over Loch Goil.  The views from the summit are superb.

With the spring, pale yellow primroses appear, lining every roadside and bank.

At dawn and dusk on clear days the sky is a riot of colours above Beinn Bheula – every shade in one day from pink, to yellow, to purple, to grey, to red.  I wish I had the skill to paint it…

A heron waits for his prey at the edge of Loch Goil around dawn

The local “Heilan’ Coos” look a bit fearsome but are actually the most placid animals you can imagine

Looking out over the Donich towards the Rest and be Thankful on a summer’s day.

Red squirrels are common here….

On calm days the loch is a perfect mirror of the sky

“The lonely boat tethers once and for all my homeward thoughts”

There used to be two highland tigers inhabiting this particular patch of Argyll. Sadly our last Bengal passed away last week. I have had a little gravestone made for him and I hope him and Schrodi are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge and getting on better together than they did in life. RIP both of you

Although we don’t get much snow at loch level, the higher mountains are covered for five months or so of the year


Expose the essence, essentials or identity of a subject through eliminating all non-essential forms Purchase

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Nov 15th, 2021

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End of an Era

Poor old Tora needed to be put to sleep. He was 19, rake thin, sleeping all the time and had got to the point where he couldn’t even jump on the bed. May he and Schrodi wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge.

Jul 8th, 2021

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Two Stags in Garden

We’ve had two enormous red deer stags in our garden of late. Apparently they have been seen all over the village and some meanies don’t like them. I like them even though they have been destroying our seed feeders. I also noticed that yesterday we had loads of cherries on our tree and today we […]

May 17th, 2021

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Not written much of late

Not written much of late, largely because I haven’t had much to write about. Don’t really go anywhere apart from to see my Mum occasionally and I don’t do much walking any more as I hurt my foot very badly last year I’ve not been paying any attention to the idiot Boris Johnson and his […]

Mar 15th, 2021

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Don’t know what this world is coming to

I’m going to stop reading the news from today. A world where protests are allowed over someone who died in a different country over at the far side of the world, and now they are banning them over a serving police office in London who killed a girl and dumped her in a drain beggers […]

Feb 24th, 2021

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Managed to get my oven repaired

The poor engineer had to come over in the Dunoon ferry due to those idiots closing the road again. I am not an engineer but I honestly believe that this idiotic digging of pits has just destabized the whole thing and made matters a whole lot worse than it was before they started. If we […]

Feb 11th, 2021

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Food from Argyll

I just got an order from Array Fish from Inveraray. When they started delivering it was just Fish, but now they are doing all kinds of other stuff including vegetable boxes and organic local milk. The Argyll economy could frankly use a major boost after all this nonsense has gone on so I am supporting […]

Feb 2nd, 2021

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My Highly Privileged upbringing

R accused me of having a privileged up bringing. So just to set the record straight. My grandparents on my mother’s side lived in a one room tenement in Dumbarton. My grandfather was a builder’s labourer. In the 1930s he would need to get up every morning and see whether there had been frost. If […]

Jan 21st, 2021

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Another pet hate

Another feature of modern life which I frankly detest. The word for a dramatist of the female gender is “actress” A male police person is a “police man” and a female one is “police woman”.

Jan 13th, 2021

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Bought some seeds

Between Brexit and Covid it is not looking that good for fresh food for summer. So I have bought some heritage carrot and beetroot seeds. I am going to plant them in some raised beds as I had no luck with planting stuff in the main garden as it was immediately attacked by wireworms. I […]