Persecution of disabled OAPS

Jun 3rd, 2020

Persecution of disabled OAPS

Following my visit to Helensburgh the other day, my parents had a visit from the police. To put this in context, my Mum is 81 and is quite severely disabled with a bad ankle and a break that she had on her femur falling down a flight of stairs. She has a blue disabled parking pass and can’t really walk very far. My Dad is 90 and is completely blind.

On Saturday my brother and I together with my husband went to see them to bring them some nice food. Also we did some cleaning of the house and fixed the phone which Mum and Dad really need to have working. We cooked the meal for them and then sat on the patio eating it and having a chat as Mum and Dad hadn’t spoken to anyone for weeks.

So bear in mind that R and I come from Lochgoilhead where there have been no cases of this virus, and that Mum and Dad haven’t been out of the house in weeks. One of their evil neighbours copped them to the authorities and got the police sent round. To be fair, the policewoman was nice, just laughed and took no action but here’s the thing…

a) This is a persecution of disabled older people
b) This is what happened in Nazi Germany where the vast number of people arrested by the Gestapo were reported by their next door neighbours
c) This is a right waste of police time

My Mum and Dad will be moving away from their home because of these actions as they don’t feel comfortable there any more and I hope that the person who did it is really, really proud of having persecuted a couple of harmless elderly disabled people who have done no harm to anyone and weren’t likely to. My Mum was really upset as she has never had one moment of trouble with the police in her whole life. Shame on you whoever you were.