Apr 20th, 2019


Today we set off for (unfortunately) a bus tour to Finisterra. Not having a car there is literally not other way to visit this area.

The big legend around this is that it was what the Romans regarded as the end of the world but this can not conceivably be true as the the ancient Greeks and Phoenicians, as well as the Romans themselves were not only familiar with the Canary Islands, but also knew about China and India (also contrary to common belief educated Romans did not believe that the world was flat). I was not hugely impressed by this tour as the Spanish people talked loudly through the English part of the commentary and vice versa. Also I was not that interested in seeing a grain store or a fishing village which rather reminded me of Rhu.

The bus was awfully hot – hate to think how it would be in August.

We did have a nice lunch though. J would not eat the razer clams and essentially ended up having yet another all day breakfast.

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