Christmas over for another year

Dec 27th, 2018

Christmas over for another year

Well, that is Christmas over for another year.  We had a really good time, although I don’t think my Mum appreciated either my brother’s choice of Christmas films, or being forced to play Canasta.

As an experiment, I tried cooking a goose on Boxing Day instead of the roast beef we usually have.  It was quite successful and the meat was tasty.  However it was a right pain to cook compared with a turkey (the amount of grease that came off it was astounding), and a 5.5kg goose just fed five people (and two cats) with nothing left over – so it is not an economical choice.  I say nothing left over, but the various creatures have enjoyed Christmas as all the offcuts (giblets etc.) have been put outside and duly consumed.

The picture above is my Christmas tree.  My Mum came up with an apt name for it – she called it the “Tree of Memories”.  This is because nearly all the decorations have special associations.  Everything between a really old pinecone which is the last survivor of my childhood, to little knitted snowmen and mice with bells which have been recent presents.

Anyway – I am now totally exhausted after cooking two enormous meals and trying to keep the house reasonably tidy after the last few days.  Then of course it is R’s birthday, and then New Year.

My Christmas Cakes
House with snowflake projector
View to Beinn Bheula on Christmas Eve

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