Jul 29th, 2018


I knew this would happen but unfortunately the weather turned nasty just in time for the village Gala Day. It seems to do this every single year. In fact the year I helped out with a stall they decided to hold it in the field next to the school, it poured with rain and the whole area turned into a sea of mud.

This year I couldn’t attend but I understand the weather was horrific, with very high winds and driving rain.

Such a shame because people put such a lot of effort in. So I hope they got some people in in spite of the weather.

The picture is the new giftshop “Pinetrees” all decked out for the event – I guess they did well as at least they have a solid roof and walls to shelter from the elements. Actually, it is a lovely little shop and highly recommended – particularly as it sells my Mum’s paintings.

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