How can these be the best cooks?

May 19th, 2018

How can these be the best cooks?

I have to say I think that this “Britain’s Best Cooks” Show is a bit of a nonsense – much as I like Mary Berry and cookery programs in general. How can you conceivably select ten cooks that are supposed to be the best in the country, but where they don’t know how to make pastry, or hollandaise sauce – or god help us even a poached egg. Any basic home cook should be able to do better than that. And as for the woman that couldn’t even manage to turn the oven on – if they couldn’t manage better than that I don’t know what low standards we are left with in this country.

I wouldn’t describe myself as one of the best cooks in the country but I can cook all the things I have mentioned and I can even do a reasonably decent cake (as shown). Rant over now but honestly describing someone as a good cook if they have never even made a pie before is a bit silly.

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