Two cats, one bed

Apr 17th, 2015

Two cats, one bed

Some time ago R bought the lads an electric heated bed. He only got one because we were not sure how well it would go down with them (I once bought them a very very expensive double-decker wicker bed which they wouldn’t touch), and once it was apparent that it was very popular, it hardly seemed worth buying a second one at this time of year.

I had to laugh today though. S was settled in the bed and sound asleep. T joined him and started washing his face for him. Normally this is a cue for trouble, but on this occasion S tolerated it (seemingly without fully waking up) and they curled up and went to sleep together. So I took their picture thinking how sweet and well behaved they looked. Not five minutes later, S woke up, realized his brother was there and unceremoniously booted him out of the bed with many growls and hisses.

So after the brief interlude, normal service was quickly resumed.

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